More than 95% of the water used in homes and communities is used for non-potable purposes. With ECOSOFTT’s advanced technologies and good management, you can recover all the wastewater from the whole house or premises and recycle for use in non- potable applications, environment friendly discharge and recharge of ground water or water bodies.

ECOSOFTT offers a range of water and wastewater recovery technologies offer major advantages over conventional systems:

  • Cost effective – operating costs of some system are 70% lower than conventional solutions
  • Scalable – technologies can be applied from individual homes to a whole residential block to an entire precinct
  • Adaptable – yield fit-for-purpose recycled water
  • Hassle-free – easy to install, operate and maintain
  • Environmentally friendly – low energy requirements, reduced carbon footprint, no generation of toxic by-products and reduced need for chemicals

Our range of technologies are designed with the Water SMART user in mind:

  • Aerobic Biofilter Without Sludge (ABWS) – Highly efficient wastewater solution for small residential or mixed communities (up to 10,000) and food industries.
  • Airlift Circulating Floating-Carrier Bed (ACFB) - Super compact wastewater solution for individual homes, hotels, schools & commercial buildings
  • Alternating Intermittent Recirculating Reactor (AIRR) - Highly adaptable wastewater solution for individual homes, small communities and open sewers
  • Waste to Energy (WTE) – Multi-purpose system that generates energy and recovers water from human and animal excretion

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