ECOSOFTT is a global pioneer in the field of decentralised management of water, wastewater and environmental services. We provide a comprehensive range of solutions that enables homes and communities to become water secure, live in harmony with the environment and protect our world for future generations.

Water & Wastewater

Our flagship Water SMART Homes & Communities platform enable households, commercial operators and living habitats to:

    • Reduce water wastage by up to 50%,
    • Recycle up to 80% of wastewater for non-potable reuse, and
    • Discharge the balance 20% to recharge and sustain water sources in an environmentally-friendly way.

Within this platform are innovative technologies that cover the entire spectrum of water, wastewater and environmental management from Source, Recycle, Use to Discharge. These solutions are backed by years of scientific research and verification in real-life implementations. As a result, they are proudly human-centric, affordable and feasible for both the developed and developing world.

Wellness Solutions

Our range of wellness solutions offers a whole new art of creating a healthy indoor environment. The ecosenses solutions comprise a highly specialised range of housekeeping solutions formulated using enzyme and plant-based micronutrient technologies that are non-toxic, chemical-free and totally safe. As a result, they offer a much better alternative over conventional chemical based alternatives.

We help set and achieve the highest standards in eco-friendly and sustainable best practices, while delivering superior personal comfort and experiences in your premises.

Social Impact

As a social enterprise, ECOSOFTT is driven towards bringing sustainable solutions for water and sanitation, and improving livelihoods in underprivileged communities. Our Solutions for Underprivileged Lives (SOUL) programme is a community led transformation programme that ensures underserved and marginalised communities can obtain access to clean water, recycling and reuse of wastewater, basic sanitation facilities, and improved livelihood opportunities. In India, we act as the initiator and solution provider to bring products and services to such communities through SAAMARTH Social Service Organization.


Our AQUA programme is the first of its kind initiative that embeds “water, wastewater and environment protection” into the curriculum of schools, colleges and institutes for higher learning. It is based upon the principles of collaborative learning, developing global citizens who will share our one blue planet responsibly. The programme is presently being rolled out in the United Kingdom and India as AQUA-BOONDEIN-U.


Through our international network, we have access to world-class expertise and knowledge of best practices in the areas of water, wastewater and environment protection. We share such expertise and knowledge with customers, including municipal corporations, corporations, asset owners, investors, schools, NGOs and other social enterprises seeking to conduct Water Audits, develop strategic plans, adopt new technologies, protect natural habitats or improve their operations.

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