ECOSOFTT’s Water WISE Buildings and Industries platform allow water sustainability through a three-prong approach:

With Water WISE Buildings and Industries, property owners, operations directors and facility managers can manage their water needs to ensure meeting of discharge standards, water security and sustainability.

1. Water Source
Improve water security by diversifying water sources through rainwater and groundwater management, and wastewater recycling and reuse

2. Water Recycling
Optimise water use by recycling different types of wastewater on-site for non-potable purposes

3. Water Use
Reduce water footprint by using fit-for-purpose water, water conservation devices, and manage water consumption using electronic control devices

4. Water Discharge
Protect and recharge water sources by discharging treated water in a way that protects water sources

We have assembled and developed a range of best-in class technologies that provide a complete solution across the water cycle from Source to Recycling, Use and Discharge.

The platform is highly modular. Users can choose to implement the parts of the platform depending on the water needs and priorities.