ECOSOFTT is honoured to be recognised by many international organisations, which affirm our business model, solutions and depth of technical capabilities

Autodesk, Inc. – Cleantech Partner

Autodesk, Inc. is the global leader in 3D design software for manufacturing, engineering and infrastructure. As a Cleantech Partner, ECOSOFTT obtains access to Autodesk’s leading-edge AutoCAD, Simulation and other professional design software. This in turn enables us to provide the most professional design and create innovative products efficiently to benefit our customers.

Fuller Challenge 2014 – Global Top 20

Named “Socially Responsible Design’s Highest Award”, the Buckminster Fuller’s Annual Challenge is a platform for scientists, designers, architects, activists, entrepreneurs, artists and planners from all over the world to present innovative solutions to humanity’s most pressing problems.

ECOSOFTT’s Water SMART Homes & Communities was selected as among the Top 20 among a global entry pool of over 450 applications for being Visionary, Comprehensive, Ecologically Responsible, Feasible, Verifiable, and Replicable .

Sankalp Forum Award 2014 – Semi-finalist

The Sankalp Forum Awards are the most prestigious recognitions for social enterprises in India. ECOSOFTT was selected as among the most sustainable and scalable enterprises doing business in India.

World CSR Congress 2014 – Global Green Future Leadership Award

The World CSR Congress recognises Best Practices in Corporate Social Responsibility and organisations that make a difference to the society and community at large. ECOSOFTT was recognised for its pioneering work on water and sanitation in India.

SID Annual Conference 2014 – Best Social Enterprise

The Singapore Institute of Directors is a national association of company directors and corporate leaders. At its 2014 annual conference, ECOSOFTT’s presentation was selected as the winner through voting by 400 of Singapore’s top corporate leaders.

Singapore International Water Week Convention 2014

The Singapore International Water Week Convention is the premier gathering of scientists, companies and policy-makers in the water industry. In 2014, ECOSOFTT “Blue Building” Paper was selected for presentation to an international scientific jury. This affirms our solutions as being visionary and technologically advanced.

Design Singapore Council – Design for Business Innovation Grant

Design Singapore Council supports deserving enterprises in specific design projects that result in innovative design solutions. ECOSOFTT utilised the Design for Business Innovation Grant to advance the design of a unique product within its Water SMART Homes & Communities platform.

SPRING Singapore – Capability Development Grant

SPRING is a governmental agency dedicated to the promotion of Singapore’s economic growth and productivity. ECOSOFTT was awarded a Capability Development Grant to advance its international marketing-related plans and activities.

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