Our team comprise an international network of technical and economic professionals with expertise across a range of water and environmental issues. We can provide detailed assessments on water and environmental challenges, identify root causes and recommend effective solutions for

  • Buildings – residential, schools, offices, hotels
  • Townships
  • Water bodies – Rivers and lakes

Typical topics covered include:

  • Catchment area of water bodies
  • Size, depth and water quality over time
  • Embankment conditions and challenges
  • Sources of water
  • Pollution sources
  • Current and projected water usage and extraction
  • Flora ,fauna and natural habitats
  • Water, sanitation & livelihood of local communities
  • Comprehensive environmental plan
  • Appropriate water and sewage treatment systems

Our work enable policy-makers, asset owners, facility managers and stakeholders to make objective and cost effective decisions to address water and environmental challenges.

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