ECOSOFTT plays a humble part in community building by focusing on addressing basic needs of marginalised and rural communities, with a specific focus on Water – Sanitation – Livelihoods and Wellness. Our Solutions for Underprivileged Lives programme are supported by credible social organisations led by Ashoka Fellows such as Gram Vikas, Sulabh International, eKutir and World Toilet Organization.

Our value proposition is to empower communities to work together via five principles:

  1. 100% inclusion i.e. no family or unit is left out
  2. 100 % engagement i.e. the whole community has to participate, contribute and work individually and collectively
  3. Self-governance and sustainable commitment to undertake development work on an on-going basis
  4. Gender equality i.e. women and men will participate equally.
  5. Value based commitment, skill based training and agreement on areas that are non-negotiable such as no open defecation, no pollution to water bodies and commitment to take care of one’s own development and progress

The outcomes of our intervention are tangible and sustainable:

  • Access to safe drinking water
  • Improvement in overall health and well being
  • Protection of water sources
  • Increase in household income
  • Promotion of gender and caste equality
  • Development of local institutions to carry forward self-directed development
  • Transformation of communities and villages into models of integrated and sustainable development


Success Case (pdf)

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