Team ECOSOFTT is made up of management professionals and technical experts who are passionate and pragmatic. They support projects around the world from their bases in Singapore, Hong Kong, India and Chile. Profiles of the key team members are set out below:

Stanley Samuel, Founder & CEO

Stanley is the Chief Architect of our award-winning Water SMART Buildings  & Industries platform. He has extensive experience in water, wastewater and environmental management, including watershed management, rainwater harvesting, drinking water treatment, wastewater recycling and solid waste management over 50 projects internationally.

Stanley is passionate about addressing the global challenge of water scarcity, shortage and quality. He also works relentlessly on inclusive social development as the Founder of SAAMARTH Social Service Organisation, our social impact programme that empowers marginalised rural communities in India.

For his work, Stanley was recognised internationally as among the “50 Most Talented Leaders in Water Management” and named a Global Visionary by UBS.

Stanley is an Engineer by background, and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce and Business Management. He earned a dual degree Executive MBA with INSEAD and Tsinghua University and a Diploma in Wastewater Treatment from the University of Chile.

Marcus Lim, Co-Founder & Managing Director

Marcus specialises in developing environmentally and economically sustainable water solutions. To that end, he works closely with research institutions, technology innovators, businesses, NGOs and public sector agencies to develop solutions relevant to local situations.

Marcus has experience in recycling systems in residential developments, hotels, schools and industries, and has led major water usage studies for PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency.

A believer that we can do well while doing good, Marcus is passionate about bridging the gap between business and social needs to address our shared causes of water, wastewater and environmental management.

Marcus graduated with a BBA (Honours) degree from the National University of Singapore, and completed a dual degree Executive MBA with INSEAD and Tsinghua University. He obtained a Diploma in Wastewater Management from the University of Chile. Marcus is a holder of the Chartered Financial Analyst, Chartered Management Accountant (UK) and Chartered Global Management Accountant designations.

Dr. Bobby Ding, Senior Process Engineering Manager

Bobby specialises in developing efficient solutions to address water and wastewater needs of clients and partners. He has 18 years of experience in design of water and wastewater treatment and recycling systems with deep expertise in biological, MBR, DAF and other innovative technologies. An innovative professional, he has led multiple technology innovation projects with PUB, Singapore’s National Water Agency.

He previously worked as Manager of the Global R&D Centre at Siemens/Evoqua and as Research Consultant with Nanyang Technological University. He also has hands on expertise in operating water and wastewater infrastructure as Plant Manager with Heng Long Leather (a subsidiary of LVMH).

Bobby holds BEng, MSc, PhD (Environmental), all from Nanyang Technological University.

Dr. Audrey Ho, Technology Innovation Manager

Audrey leads our team to innovate and develop solutions to address water and environmental challenges. She is a passionate and pragmatic scientist with extensive experience in biological, physical separation and nature-inspired technologies for treatment of water and wastewater. Her innovations have been applied and proven in real life situations. She has also led the execution of engineering projects in Singapore, Hong Kong and India.

Prior to joining ECOSOFTT, Audrey was a Research Scientist with the National University of Singapore and Environmental & Water Technology Centre of Innovation in Singapore. Audrey graduated with BEng (Mechanical). She subsequently completed an MSc under the Singapore-Massachusetts Institute of Technology Alliance programme and PhD from Nanyang Technological University. She is a certified Water Efficiency Manager in Singapore.

Alan Lau, Project Manager

Alan is a water efficiency manager and water technology engineer with 15 years of experience in water audit, technical advisory and water treatment/recycling projects. He has deep knowledge in various water treatment technologies and processes especially physicochemical (DAF, coagulation, flocculation) and membrane (UF, RO) processes.

Alan previously worked with TUV SUD and DHI, where he provided water audit and technical advisory services to industrial and commercial clients. He also worked as a Research Engineer and Project Manager with NEWRI, Siemens/Evoqua and Hyflux. 

Alan graduated with Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical Engineering) from Curtin University of Technology and Master of Engineering (Engineering & Technology management) from University of South Australia. He is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP®) and GRI Standards Certified Training / Certified Sustainability Reporting Specialist (CSRS). He is a certified Water Efficiency Manager in Singapore.

Adam Lim, Project & Client Service Director

Adam has over 30 years’ experience in water management, facility control and applications engineering of pumps and mechanical equipment. Among the projects that Adam has participated in include Water Audits, Rainwater Harvesting, Used Water Recycling and Cooling Tower Water Management.

Prior to joining ECOSOFTT, Adam worked with Ingersoll-Dresser, SPX Flow Technology and Accudyne serving major public utilities and industries. Through his experience with major  equipment manufacturers, he has gained a solid understanding of application of pumps, valves, instruments and other mechanical equipment.

Adam graduated with Diploma in Engineering (Mechanical) from Ngee Ann Polytechnic and Bachelor of Commerce from University of Western Sydney. He completed the Professional Conversion Programme for Utilities Engineers in Singapore.    

Raghu Vishwakarma, Project Engineer

Raghu is an Engineer with our operations in the Central India region from his base in Jabalpur. Since joining ECOSOFTT 5 years ago, Raghu has taken on responsibilities in the design and implementation of a wide range of projects, including Drinking Water Treatment, Wastewater Recovery, Rivers & Lakes Conservation and Rural Water & Sanitation Transformation. He is well versed with CAD drawings, estimation, project management and a range of conventional and advanced technologies.

Raghu has worked across India and contributed to projects in Hong Kong and Vietnam. Raghu graduated with BEng (Civil) from St Aloysius Institute of Technology.

Raul Fernandez, Engineering Specialist

Raul is a specialist in ECOSOFTT’s Aerobic Biofilter Without Sludge (Mizuchi) wastewater treatment technology. He is a preeminent expert in bio-filtration wastewater treatment technology and has successfully completed the design of more than 90 waste water treatments plants and participated in the design of another 100 internationally.

Raul is the former Chief Engineer, Wastewater Treatment with the University of Chile’s Foundation for Technology Transfer. He qualified as a Professional Civil Engineer from the University of Diego Portales. He obtained his Masters in Environmental Engineering in Waste Treatment from the University of Santiago, Chile and Diploma in Water Pollution Control from the University of Chile. He is an Adjunct Professor at the University of Andrés Bello.

Julio Gonzalez, Engineering Specialist

Julio is a specialist in wastewater treatment technologies. He brings extensive experience in wastewater treatment systems based on the bio-filtration technology, having participating in more than 110 projects in across several countries. His expertise includes the design, construction, maintenance and environmental impact assessment for such projects.

Julio was Chief Project Engineer with the University of Chile’s Foundation for Technology Transfer. He qualified as an Environmental Engineer from Duoc Catholic University. He earned a Diploma in Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment and a Diploma in Water Pollution Control from the University of Chile.

Genevieve Desouza, Aqualogist

Gen is an Aqualogist leading AQUA-BOONDEIN, ECOSOFTT’s water and environmental education programme for children. She is an inspiring and creative educator and facilitator who creates unforgettable experiences during her well-loved AQUA classes. To date, she has successfully reached out to 5,000 students, comprising those in prestigious International Baccalaureate in the UK as well as less privileged schools in India.

Gen believes her role as runs parallel to that of her other role as a mother. In both roles, she innovatively yet strategically create open platforms that merge knowledge and content to create awareness and thereby collaborate to help solve real issues.

Soh Yee Tyng, Financial Controller

Yee Tyng is an accomplished accounting and finance professional with extensive experience in auditing, due diligence, financial reporting and business management. She leads the management of our financial matters across the ECOSOFTT group from our Singapore Global HQ. In addition, she supports the business in business analysis and financing of projects.

Yee Tyng graduated with Honours in Economics from London School of Economics, and qualified as a Chartered Accountant of England and Wales. Earlier in her career, she worked with PwC’s Audit and Transactions practices in London and Singapore.

Zhang Houguo, Technical Advisor

Houguo is an award-winning inventor, research scientist and entrepreneur. In his 35-year career, he has also held the senior positions in manufacturing, commercial management and government. Since 2000, Houguo has been researching and developing a series of water and wastewater treatment technologies based on the principles of conservation, efficiency and chemical-free treatment. His work has received multiple awards in technology competitions, including a national level award for the design of the “Zero Discharge Home”.

Houguo is the Founder of of Hwaye Environmental Co. Ltd, a company based in China dedicated to the development and promotion of water treatment and recycling solutions. He is also Director of the Shanghai Water Pollution Control Research Institute. Houguo completed his university studies in Engineering and is a Senior Engineer in China, the country’s highest accreditation in Engineering.

Urich Schraudolph, Design Consultant

Ulrich assists ECOSOFTT in the design and development of the Water SMART Homes & Communities platform. He is an award-winning design consultant with 25 years of experience in product design and innovation in Europe and Asia. Ulrich is the Founding Director and Design Director at XentiQ, a Singapore-based design consultancy. His client record includes major corporations and technology innovators such as Unilever, Alcatel, Alsthom, HP, Hyflux, Honeywell, Singapore Technologies and Shell Solar.

Ulrich is active in contributing to the development of the design profession. He has lectured extensively at universities and international design institutions, including the CREAPOLE design school in Paris, National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University and the Singapore Stanford Biodesign. He has also been a consultant with the Korean Institute of Design and Packaging. Ulrich studied design in Germany, Switzerland and the United States, where he attended the Art Center College of Design. He also holds a Masters in Human Factors Engineering from Nanyang Technological University.