Welcome to “ecosenses – Solutions for your Wellness”, a whole new art of creating a healthy indoor environment. ecosenses is specially formulated for creating a non-toxic environment and higher cleaning productivity. Our integrated products range from Housekeeping, Environment and Personal Care that are safe for children, pets and the planet.

They are carefully adapted to meet the environmental and cleaning requirements of homes, hotels, offices and F&B establishments. The result is a cleaner indoor environment and better indoor experience at a lower cost.

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  • Reduce water usage by 15%
  • Save cleaning time
  • Set new standards for employees’ health and safety
  • Gentle and safe for you
  • Keep furniture and fixtures in top condition
  • Reduce the use of toxic chemicals and synthetic fragrances to safeguard human and planet health
  • Support inclusive employment for people with special needs

Collaboration with MINDS in Singapore

In Singapore, ecosenses is made with love and care by Persons of Special Needs through our collaboration with the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS). By using ecosenses, you contribute to our community and our environment through:

  • Water conservation
  • Elimination of chemicals discharged into our water system
  • Solid waste reduction through upcycling of fruit peels
  • Meaningful employment for Persons of Special Needs and facilitating their integration with society

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