Welcome to “ecosenses – Solutions for your Wellness”, a whole new art of creating a healthy indoor environment.

ecosenses is specially formulated for your discerning clientele. Our integrated products range from Housekeeping, Air, Drainage and Professional Solutions that are safe for children, pets and the planet.

They are carefully adapted to meet the cleaning requirements of different venues, from the business centre to hotel guest suites, from kitchens to restaurant dining areas, from the wellness space to staff areas. The result is a cleaner indoor environment and better indoor experience at a lower cost through the following:

  • Reduce the use of toxic chemicals and synthetic fragrances to safeguard human and planet health
  • Improve indoor air quality and create a better indoor experience
  • Improve cleaning results through improved stain removal and beyond what traditional surfactants can achieve
  • Improve the useful lives of fixtures and assets by eradicating mould, mildew and stains
  • Set new standards for employees’ health & safety. Show you care and improve staff productivity and wellness
  • Gain international and local recognitions, such as Green Mark Hotel, Ecotel and BCA Green Mark

US Environmental Protection Agency – Design for the Environment

The DfE label means a product is safer for people and the environment. The US EPA allows safer products to carry the Design for the Environment (DfE) label. It is awarded to products that do not pollute air or waterways, do not add harmful chemicals to the land, and are safer for fish and other aquatic life.

Canada – EcoLogo

 The EcoLogo label means a product is safer for human health and the environment. A widely recognized eco-label in North America, EcoLogo certifies products that have less of an impact on the environment because of how they are manufactured, consumed and disposed of. EcoLogo products have lower carbon emissions and minimise chemical exposure.

Collaboration with MINDS in Singapore

In Singapore, ecosenses is made with love and care by Persons of Special Needs through our collaboration with the Movement for the Intellectually Disabled of Singapore (MINDS). By using ecosenses, you contribute to our community and our environment through:

  • Water conservation
  • Elimination of chemicals discharged into our water system
  • Solid waste reduction through upcycling of fruit peels
  • Meaningful employment for Persons of Special Needs and facilitating their integration with society

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