ECOSOFTT was selected for investment showcase

ECOSOFTT was selected for investment showcase at the 2nd Edition of the Asian Venture Philanthropy Network Conference held in Singapore. The AVPN is a major gathering of impact investors, social entrepreneurs, intermediaries and academics to discuss the issues and future of social impact and entrepreneurship.

ECOSOFTT to unveil its Water SMART Homes & Communities Innovations at Singapore International Water Week 2014

ECOSOFTT, the Singapore-headquartered pioneer in decentralised water management solutions is to unveil its advanced Water SMART Homes & Communities innovations at the upcoming Singapore International Water Week.

The Water SMART Homes & Communities is a set of technologically advanced solutions that enable homes, schools, hotels and living habitats to be sustainable on water through a practical three-step approach:

  • • Reduce water wastage by up to 50%,
  • • Recycle up to 80% of wastewater for non-potable reuse,
  • • Discharge the remaining 20% to recharge water sources in an environmentally friendly way.

The solutions will feature technologies to Source, Recycle, Use and Discharge water in environmentally sustainable ways. This model eliminates complicated piping networks, which are difficult and expensive to implement in many developing countries.

ECOSOFTT’s technologies are backed by years of scientific research and on the ground adaptations. They have been successfully implemented and proven in India, where the water shortage and pollution situation has reached a critical level. In spite of the poor local infrastructure and challenging weather conditions, ECOSOFTT’s solutions have proven to be highly adaptable, scalable and affordable.

“Despite heavy investments, conventional water systems have not been able to meet the water needs for two-thirds of the world’s population. ECOSOFTT’s Water SMART Homes & Communities offers a new paradigm to Source, Recycle, Use and Discharge water in a decentralised way. It is thus extremely attractive to governments, developers, designers and users seeking to secure a sustainable source of water at an affordable cost.” said Mr Stanley Samuel, Founder of ECOSOFTT.

“We are fortunate to live in Singapore, where we have addressed our limitations in water through sound policies, investments and the application of technology. Through the Water SMART Homes & Communities, ECOSOFTT has successfully adapted advanced technologies and minimised the constraints to adopting solutions that addresses water demand and challenges in developing countries. Our Water SMART Homes & Communities now enable townships, SINGAPORE . INDIA . HONG KONG . UNITED KINGDOM residential developments, schools, hotels and even rural communities to become water secure in a cost-effective manner.” said Mr Marcus Lim, Co- Founder of ECOSOFTT.

The Singapore International Water Week is the global platform to share and cocreate innovative water solutions. This year’s event will be held from 1 to 5 June 2014 at the Marina Bay Sands Expo and Convention Centre.

Visit us at the SIWW, Singapore Pavilion, Booth 02-09.

ECOSOFTT launches ANKURAN 2013 at Saint Aloysius Institute of Technology (SAIT) in Jabalpur, India.

SAIT Jabalpur and ECOSOFTT, a Singapore-based social enterprise, have launched ANKURAN 2013 – a competition platform that challenges students to come up with solutions for sustainable development. Launched on World Water Day on 22 March 2013, ANKURAN will conclude on Earth Day on 22 April 2013 to showcase winning student entries.

Rev. Fr. Davis, the Executive Director of SAIT, commented, “SAIT is a pioneer in the field of technical education. ANKURAN is just one more example. This is not just another competition; it is an opportunity for students to realize their potential, while encouraging them to come up with ideas and solutions that will have an impact on the future of our planet. I am looking forward to positive outcomes led by the participating students.”

Mr. Ravindra K.Anand, the Chairperson of the ECOSOFTT Committee at SAIT, is shaping many of the initiatives within the purview of the MOU signed in January 2013. He emphasized – “With ANKURAN,-2013, students are given a platform to better understand the issues our planet and society are facing today and the invaluable role engineers can play in addressing such challenges.”

Dr. S.G. More, Principal of SAIT believes that “such a unique initiative will provide opportunities to students to apply their knowledge, learning and acumen to solve real world issues. SAIT we will lead this initiative and mobilize other institutions to make this an inter-college event in the future.”

The Founder of ECOSOFTT Pte. Ltd., Stanley Samuel, briefed students, Faculty and Staff of SAIT. Ltd., on the context, needs and the imperatives before us, especially on environmental issues through a ‘quiz’, and a presentation specially designed for the students.

The themes selected for ANKURAN 2013 are Water, Waste, Energy and Livelihoods & Earth. ECOSOFTT has instituted four prizes for this year’s competition. The first prize being Rs. 3,000, 2nd prize is 2,000 and 3rd prize is 1,000. A very special prize for the most innovative and original idea of Rs. 2,000.A certificate and a special trophy will accompany each prize.

“SAIT has signed an MOU with ECOSOFTT to develop its campus into a model eco-friendly campus by putting in place a series of technological innovations that will reduce its carbon footprint over the next 5-7 years. The range of solutions that ECOSOFTT will offer are in the areas of integrated water and waste management, renewable energy, recycling waste water to recharge ground water sources including making a SAIT a zero-discharge campus.  The goal is to put in place low cost but highly efficient solutions as the institution evolves. The additional benefit of such and approach will give the students a practical laboratory to learn more about sustainable development” – said Fr. Davis.

The shared vision that Fr. Davis and Samuel have outlined is to engage students, faculty and staff of SAIT in implementing solutions on campus. The learning and experience will then be extended towards transforming neighboring villages and communities over time.

Mr. Samuel, emphasized that through ANKURAN 2013 we aim to increase awareness on environmental issues, engage every cross-section of the society, mobilize young minds and facilitate the implementation of sustainable solutions based upon global best practices. In the context of SAIT and the future of such an initiative – “With this competition, the students will be challenged to bring real world issues to the class-room and take the class-room to the real world. Thus going beyond textbooks, lectures and grades. ANKURAN 2013, will prepare students for the future and empower them make a difference as global citizens” said Samuel.

EARTH DAY is an annual day on which events are held worldwide to demonstrate support for environmental protection. Earth Day is observed on April 22nd each year after a resolution was adopted by the United Nations in 2009. Earth Day is now coordinated globally by the Earth Day Network and is celebrated in more than 192 countries every year.

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SAIT, Jabalpur

  • Dr. S.G. More, Principal:
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ECOSOFTT received the Global Green Future Leadership Award at the World CSR Congress 2014

ECOSOFTT received the Global Green Future Leadership Award at the World CSR Congress 2014 for our pioneering business model to address water issues.

The World CSR Congress aims to build a community of leaders and organisation to make a difference to the community at large.

ECOSOFTT launched a first-of-its-kind

ECOSOFTT launched a first-of-its-kind “Tech-Fest” named ANKURAN (Sprouting of Ideas For Sustainable Development) 2013 at SAIT. Over 600 students participated in designing innovative solutions that addresses water, energy and environmental challenges in the world.

ECOSOFTT presented at the Global Impact Forum

ECOSOFTT presented at the Global Impact Forum, Zurich …



Welcome to “ecosenses – Solutions for your Wellness”, a whole new art of creating a healthy indoor environment.

ecosenses is specially formulated for your discerning clientele. Our integrated products range from Housekeeping, Air, Drainage and Professional Solutions that are safe for children, pets and the planet.

They are carefully adapted to meet the cleaning requirements of different venues, from the business centre to hotel guest suites, from kitchens to restaurant dining areas, from the wellness space to staff areas. The result is a cleaner indoor environment and better indoor experience at a lower cost through the following:

  • Reduce the use of toxic chemicals and synthetic fragrances to safeguard human and planet health
  • Improve indoor air quality and create a better indoor experience
  • Improve cleaning results through improved stain removal and beyond what traditional surfactants can achieve
  • Improve the useful lives of fixtures and assets by eradicating mould, mildew and stains
  • Set new standards for employees’ health & safety. Show you care and improve staff productivity and wellness
  • Gain international and local recognitions, such as Green Mark Hotel, Ecotel and BCA Green Mark


ECOSOFTT plays a humble part in community building by focusing on addressing basic needs of marginalised and rural communities, with a specific focus on Water – Sanitation – Livelihoods and Wellness. Our Solutions for Underprivileged Lives programme are supported by credible social organisations led by Ashoka Fellows such as Gram Vikas, Sulabh International, eKutir and World Toilet Organization.

Our value proposition is to empower communities to work together via five principles:

  1. 100% inclusion i.e. no family or unit is left out
  2. 100 % engagement i.e. the whole community has to participate, contribute and work individually and collectively
  3. Self-governance and sustainable commitment to undertake development work on an on-going basis
  4. Gender equality i.e. women and men will participate equally.
  5. Value based commitment, skill based training and agreement on areas that are non-negotiable such as no open defecation, no pollution to water bodies and commitment to take care of one’s own development and progress

The outcomes of our intervention are tangible and sustainable:

  • Access to safe drinking water
  • Improvement in overall health and well being
  • Protection of water sources
  • Increase in household income
  • Promotion of gender and caste equality
  • Development of local institutions to carry forward self-directed development
  • Transformation of communities and villages into models of integrated and sustainable development


AQUA is a unique water and environmental education programme developed by ECOSOFTT. It aims to create global citizens who will share our one and only Blue Planet responsibly.

Since its formal launch in 2012, AQUA has been executed with resounding and un-paralleled success for the benefit of over 5,000 students in Europe and Asia. It is a platform to foster knowledge sharing, interaction of common interest groups and problem solving that will learn together and work together in addressing water and environmental challenges.

AQUA can be integrated into any curriculum from schools to institutes of higher learning and corporates. The learning paths can be made relevant to each individual in his or her quest and search for knowledge and solutions to problems.