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The Poseidon is a packaged wastewater treatment system for treatment of wastewater. The system is compact and enclosed, and suitable for installation within homes and residential communities. The Poseidon uses biological processes, without the use of chemicals, to ensure a safe and sustainable wastewater treatment process. The treated wastewater can be safely reused for toilet flushing and irrigation purposes.

System Features:

  • Low operation and maintenance cost
  • Minimum operator intervention
  • Compact system that can be installed in buildings and homes
  • Short on-site installation time
  • No sludge, noise and odors
  • No addition of chemicals
  • Modular system that is expandable with tank additions
  • Allows for instrument monitoring, with data acquisition and control

Key applications include:

  • Individual homes
  • Buildings
  • Residential colonies

Overall System Flow

  1. Grease trap
  2. Aeration tank
  3. ACFB reactor 1
  4. ACFB reactor 2
  5. Ozone disinfection and activated carbon filter

Quotation or Enquiry
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