At the heart of our community led transformation programs is the GRAM VIKAS MANTRA Program that empowers and enables homes to build their own first toilets and bathing rooms using powerful but simple steps.

Program implementation:

  1. The community is mobilized and organized into a cooperative or society.
  2. Each family contributes towards a village corpus that is managed by the community and us or our partners.
  3. Intensive training is provided to the community in the areas of brick making, plumbing, bar bending, masonry, carpentry where required.
  4. The community organizes basic materials used in the construction of toilets with support from SAAMARTH and its partners such as GRAM VIKAS.
  5. Where possible, local Government subsidies can be availed by the local communities as beneficiaries.
  6. Every home now owns a toilet and bathing room with 24×7 piped and metered water connection.
  7. Wastewater and other sewage can be treated before being discharged to conserve water and preserve their sources.
  8. Empower and enable community to evolve in terms of health, nutrition, wellness and economic prosperity.