Assurance of water availability and quality is of utmost importance to home owners. At the same time, home buyers are increasing paying attention to green features of the home that reduces their carbon footprint, water footprint and utility bills in a hassle free way.

ECOSOFTT offers an integrated set of technological solutions as part of the Water SMART Homes & Communities platform, the new “blue building standard”. These solutions enable home owners to manage their water needs without depending on large municipal infrastructure:

  • Harness water from different sources – innovative approaches to harvest, filter and store rainwater harvesting
  • Conserve the use of water – water conservation devices, such as sensor faucets and low flow showers
  • Recycle and reuse water – a range of wastewater recycling systems to suit the unique requirements of the site, such as space availability
  • Discharge wastewater safely – treat wastewater for discharge in a way that is safe for the environment and protects water sources for sustainable use
  • Electronic controls – Easy to use electronic control devices managed over a smart phone or tablet.

The technologies that we offer are low cost, low energy and “fit for purpose”. The solutions are “Plug & Play”, thus minimising the effort and cost to install and maintain.

With Water SMART Homes & Communities, homeowners enjoy peace of mind with respect to water needs and enhance the value of their homes:

  • Move from water deficit to water surplus. Excess water can be used for many purposes such as general cleaning, landscaping and creating water features. This reduces cost of water and enhances asset values.
  • Create a cleaner and more hygienic living environment
  • Recharge water sources to ensure sustainable water supply
  • Minimize pollution of water sources
  • Obtain assurance on water quality