ECOZ ™, Guest Wellness & Sustainable Business Program

Hospitality operators work relentlessly to provide today’s educated and well-travelled customers best-in-class guest experiences. Leading brands are required to meet ever-increasing customer expectations while staying profitable and operating in an environmentally-responsible and socially-conscious way. Brands that are able to
strike the right balance are able to gain customer’s “heart-share”, earn internationalrecognition, employee respect and enjoy a competitive advantage.

Hygiene, cleanliness and embracing sustainable practices are imperatives. Venues such as rooms, toilets, banquet venues, business centers, fine-dining areas and high-traffic areas need to remain clean & fresh without the excessive use of toxic fragrances and chemicals.

ECOZ ™, ECOSOFTT’s Guest Wellness and Sustainable Business Program is a unique, integrated, collaborative and comprehensive approach that helps hotels, resorts, restaurants and entertainment venues secure a world of advantages.

ECOZ ™ tailor-made program encapsulates all key elements that are important to your business, guests, staff, community and the environment:

  • Good for your Business
    Achieve multiple goals with one program: differentiate your brand experience; safeguard guests’ health & well-being; fulfill stringent green-label requirements; engage guests, stakeholders, employees and the community.
  • Good for your Guests
    Adopt a Zero-Toxins, chemical-free, venue-based approach to enhance guest comfort & wellness
  • Good for your Staff
    Protect and set new standards for employees’ health & safety. Show you care and improve staff productivity.
  • Good for the Community
    Give back to society with community and nation building
  • Good for the Environment
    Eliminate the use of polluting toxins that put us all at risk. We belong to the earth and not the other way around.

ECOZ ™ helps you set and achieve the highest standards in eco-friendly sustainable best practices, while delivering superior guest experience and achieving local and international recognition:

  • Recycle water footprint and wastages
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Reduce the use of toxic chemicals and synthetic fragrances to safeguard human health
  • Eliminate unpleasant odours and smells which hamper guest experience
  • Eradicate mould, mildew and stains to improve asset life
  • Improve Indoor Air Quality
  • Meet food safety standards
  • Achieve your sustainability goals & international Green Mark recognition