Water SMART Schools, Sustainable water and wastewater solutions for campus AQUA, collaborative learning on water & environmental issues

Education institutions are tasked with the important mission of shaping characters, equipping students with employment skills and preparing them to become successful citizens of the world. In this context, educators are creating awareness among students of the challenges facing the world, such as environment degradation and water
pollution. At the same time, it is becoming increasingly important to expose students with interests in technology and best practice approaches that have the potential to solve the problems of our times and create a better world for the next generation.

ECOSOFTT works with schools, colleges and specialised training institutions to make academic curriculum more robust by bringing the real world to classrooms and bringing classrooms to the real world. The strategic initiatives include:

  • Water Education
    Our AQUA is a tailor-made program that provides collaborative and action-oriented learning for students around water and environmental issues, as well as innovative solutions that can be integrated as part of the school’s curriculum. A sample of activities that have been successfully implemented include:
    - Classes on water facts and quizzes
    - Festival to showcase environmental technological solutions invented by students
    - Painting competition along water theme
    - Guided visits to sites of environmental significance
  • Community Building
    We employ a unique C3 (Campus, Corporate & Community) approach that brings the context and resources to engage young talents in addressing water, environmental and social issues. Through our community-led transformation programs, we gain access and insights into water, sanitation and environmental challenges in both urban and rural communities. We engage corporate partners who bring in resources, technical expertise and their professional staff as volunteers. Through the C3 approach, we provide a safe ground for students to gain real-world experience and contribute towards community development.

Water SMART Schools is a winning formula for educational institutions to provide a more well-rounded experience for students:

  • Recycle water footprint and wastages
  • Ensure water sustainability and water on campus
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Reduce the use of toxic chemicals to safeguard health of students, teachers and staff
  • Provide students with an environmental to learn and explore water issues and solutions
  • Engage students on community building and character development in partnership with corporates