Singapore International Water Week (SIWW) 2014

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ECOSOFTT is delighted to be the lead author of a research paper selected for Poster Presentation at SIWW 2014 Water Convention. Titled “Decentralized & Integrated Management of Water and Wastewater: A New Paradigm for Homes & Communities”, the study puts forth a compelling case for decentralized management of water & wastewater in today’s world.

ECOSOFTT Founder Stanley Samuel is delighted to present the study’s findings at the SIWW Water Convention on 2 June 2014, which received an overwhelming response of more than 500 submissions from 50 countries.

ECOSOFTT is also a proud exhibitor at SIWW Water Expo. Come visit us at the ECOSOFTT booth at B2-P09, from 2 June – 4 June at Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Center, Singapore. Register for SIWW at

June 2013

Humanitarian Fair 2013, Singapore

ECOSOFTT™ & SAAMARTH participated in the HUMANITARIAN FAIR 2013 as an exhibitor to network and showcase our unique solutions in the areas of water, sanitation and livelihoods with a specific focus on humanitarian and disaster relief.

Community led transformation programs and innovations were presented and drew interest from volunteers, other players in the social sector, NGOs and aid agencies.

His Eminence, the most Rev. Fr. William Goh, spent time and lauded the solutions from ECOSOFTT™. The highlights were wastewater treatment, livelihood improvement programs, low cost sanitary pads from organic materials, ECOffins made out of paper, rapid composting toilets and other innovations.

May 2013

Innovation: Low Cost Sanitary Pads Using Water Hyacinths

In May 2013, Team ECOSFOTT™ and SAAMARTH® who developed a first of its kind low cost sanitary pad using water hyacinths and other organic materials – a major breakthrough achieved at the request of IM Pads and ApVentures Singapore.

Our capabilities were reflected in innovating completely three new processes: wet, semi-wet and dry. The finished product can be made using a special purpose machine or by hand using sewing machines.

Extensive testing were conducted using a range of samples made of different compositions. Through relentless R&D, Team ECOSOFTT™ and SAAMARTH® demonstrated that a low cost sanitary pad could be produced using 100 organic materials that meet all international standards.

The finished product can be sold for less than Re. 1 in India (INR One only). The process will also generate employment for women that can be organized into cooperatives and self help groups. The program will aim to be self-sustaining.

ECOSOFTT™ and SAAMARTH® are committed to:

  1. Promote awareness and education on menstrual hygiene amongst rural communities
  2. Provide a solution for usage and disposal to improve sanitation and personal hygiene
  3. Encourage young girls to stay back in school and complete their education
  4. Generate employment via business models that create share value
  5. Develop last mile entrepreneurs.

In the next phase, more rigorous testing will be undertaken in the area of product development, packaging, user and lab testing and setting up of operating models.  There is also an opportunity to develop new products such as diapers, special napkins and accessories for patients with special conditions such as incontinence and for people confined to a bed.

Team ECOSOFTT™ and SAAMARTH® have made their recommendations on the next phase to IM Pads, ApVentures and the Singapore International Foundation who are supportive of the project.

April 2013

ECOSOFTT™ launches a community led transformation and the Gram Vikas program in Silua village near  Jabalpur.

Team ECOSOFTT™ met with the village elders and every family at Silua Village, near Jabalpur to introduce and mobilize them towards a community led transformation process and to launch the Gram Vikas MANTRA Program.

Villagers will create a corpus and executive committee over the next few weeks. A demo unit of a latrine and bathing room will be installed at one home with support and contributions from the community. Additional two sets of toilets for girls and boys will be constructed at a local government school by mid May 2013.  The project is scheduled to finish by December 2013.

ECOSOFTT™ launches ANKURAN 2013 at SAIT to celebrate World Water Day and Earth Day 2013

To mark two important dates on the global calendar World Water Day on March 22nd and EARTH DAY on April 22nd, 2013, TEAM ECOSOFTT™ launched ANKURAN 2013 – a first in a series of competitions for engineering students. Over 200 students were briefed on the context and the role they can play in addressing environmental issues. ANKURAN 2013 was launched at SAIT with the goals of bringing real world issues to the class-room and take the class room learning to the real world and engaging students, faculty and staff to transform the campus into an eco-friendly campus to start with and then cascade the learning into communities. Emphasis was also placed on encouraging students to consider social entrepreneurship. At ANKURAN 2013, students presented their ideas along four themes: Water, Waste, Energy, Earth& Livelihoods. Over 45 students/teams signed up.

12 Teams showcased their ideas to mark the conclusion of a first in a series of initiatives. The esteemed judges were impressed with the passion, enthusiasm and application of knowledge demonstrated by the students. From generating electricity from city traffic going over speed breakers, combining rainwater harvesting and solar energy, providing clean drinking water using a desi-filter, dew condensation in homes to meet the needs for water in arid settings, recycling water from homes (toilets and bathing rooms), generating renewable energy from ‘cow dung’ and ‘human waste’ to transforming waste plastic bags and bottles into bricks, tiles and other products for reuse were some of the applications. Ideas from the winning teams and others will be combined and implemented on campus. In 2014, this will be an inter-college competition.

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ECOSOFTT™ conducts a unique workshop ‘Scalability & Innovations in Water and Sanitation” hosted by Gram Vikas

ECOSOFTT™ conducts a first of its kind and first in a series Scalability & Innovations in Water & Sanitation hosted by Gram Vikas, Fresh Water Action Network, South Asia and UK AID. Around 30 participants from all over India joined the two-day event. A special event was organized to commemorate the World Water Day on March 22nd, 2012. Representatives of FANSA, UNICEF, SULABH, EKLAVYA-MEGH PYNE, SAATHI, and PEOPLE IN NEED FOUNDATION among others attended the workshop. A special visit to the field to study the GRAM VIKAS MANTRA Program was also organized to benchmark and explore best practices.

Youth leaders from marginalized rural communities from Jabalpur visit Gram Vikas 

ECOSOFTT™ sent four leaders and volunteers from different villages in Jabalpur to visit Gram Vikas for one week to learn about the MANTRA Program and how it can be scaled up in their areas through community led transformation process. The spent time in the field interacting with staff, communities who have benefitted from the MANTRA Program, learning about the process and best practices.

Gram Vikas to install ECOSOFTT™’s “Smart Waste Water Treatment Solutions” on their campus and school at Kankia.

Gram Vikas will install ECOSOFTT™’s SMART WASTE WATER TREATMENT solution on a part of their 150 acre campus to recover and reuse waste water from the living quarters, canteen and adjoining hostel/guest house. Another installation will be at their school at Kankia, Odisha where over 700 students study and board. The wastewater will be recovered and reused for landscaping, other general purposes such as flushing as well as recharging of ground water sources.

February : 2013

ECOSOFTT™ receives its first design grant award from the Design Singapore Council.

ECOSOFTT™ Pte. Ltd. Is awarded its first grant from the DESIGN SINGAPORE COUNCIL towards the development of its WATER SMART BATHROOMs within ECOSOFTT™’s  WATER SMART HOMES PLATFORMS. The award will be used to accelerate the development of decentralized solutions for homes in collaboration with XENTIQ a professional and award winning design firm in Singapore.

Team ECOSOFTT™ visit partners Sulabh International & Gram Vikas

Team ECOSOFTT™ (Marcus Lim and Stanley Samuel) visit Sulabh International. During the two-week visit, further areas of collaboration and projects were identified. TEAM ECOSOFTT™ also volunteered towards different activities at Gram Vikas

January 2013

ECOSOFTT™ & SAIT sign a Memorandum of Understanding

ECOSOFTT™ signs and MOU with Saint Aloysius Institute of Technology, Jabalpur to make their campus an eco-friendly campus engaging with their students, faculty and staff. The success and learning will then be cascaded into neighboring communities to make them model villages over time. The MOU covers rainwater harvesting, water and wastewater management, solid waste management, and the use of renewable energy among other innovations proposed by the students.

An ECOSOFTT™ Committee has been formed under the leadership of Mr. Ravindra Anand, Advisor to SAIT and an experienced engineer himself. The other members are the Principal, faculty, staff and students.

SAIT will be the first location where a pilot plant for wastewater treatment will be installed by ECOSOFTT™. SAIT is a college owned and established by the Catholic Diocese of Jabalpur, India. It is a well-respected institution with a 100-year history in central India.

Joe Madiath, Founder and Executive Director of Gram Vikas visits ECOSOFTT™ and SAAMARTH®, Jabalpur/Central India

Joe Madiath, visits Jabalpur to explore and plan the rollout of the MANTRA Program to Central India. During this visit, meetings were organized with the local MLA, Mrs. Lorraine Lobo, the Mayor, Mr. Prhabhat Sahu, the Collector, Mr. Gulshan Bamra, Director of XIDAS/XIM, Rev. Fr. Ranjith Tigga, members of St. Aloysius Institute of Technology. The honorable Collector Mr. Bamra under the supervision of Mr. Devbrat Mishra, the local officer and his team, organized a visit to around 10 villages. The goal was to get a better feel of the needs of the people, get an update on the various initiatives underway as well as come up with proposals for the integrated development of local communities.

During this visit, Joe spent some time reviewing activities of SAMAARTH where vocational training was in progress. He also encouraged the families and volunteers who are doing a commendable job towards improving livelihoods of marginalized communities. He also graced the occasion to the signing of an MOU with Saint Aloysius Institute of Technology.

Field Visit


Visit to Xidas

December 2012

Team ECOSOFTT™ visits Chile to establish winning partnership on Vermifiltration-System Toha 

Team ECOSOFTT™ visited Chile to learn more about System Toha, a low cost – highly efficient solution using vermin-filtration. The goal was to establish partnerships and introduce this very relevant solution in Asia within the ECOSOFTT™ WATER SMART COMMUNITIES PLATFORM.

Gram Vikas, Sulabh International and World Toilet Organization confirm their support, partnership and collaboration with ECOSOFTT™.

November 2012

ECOSOFTT™ participates in the INSEAD Social entrepreneurship program, (ISEP 2012), Singapore.

Together with 50 other participants from all over the world ECOSOFTT™ was invited to participate at the INSEAD SOCIAL ENTREPRENEURSHIP PROGRAM held at the INSEAD campus in Singapore.

September 2012:

Visit to the Barefoot College, Gram Vikas and Sulabh International

A visit to the Barefoot College, Gram Vikas and Sulabh was both amazing and humbling experience. We had the privilege to experience community led transformation spread across from greening of the deserts to managing a radio station, from liberating scavengers to manufacturing of low cost sanitary pads, from rainwater harvesting to day and night schools, from reforestation to self help groups, from vocational training to self governance, it was truly a complete experience. It was truly inspiring, reinforced our commitment and fuelled our passion.

Time was well spent with the team of women that pioneered solar cookers,the Barefoot Doctors and Barefoot Engineers from all over the world and from states in India made us realize the immense potential and possibilities when peopled are empowered and enabled to ‘learn, earn and return’. Witnessing first hand the transformation of communities and the process that have been shaped over the years based upon the vision of stalwarts like Mr. Bunker Roy, Dr. BhindeshwarPathak and Dr. Joe Madiath. Based upon Gandhian values and principles there were many take aways from this visit, which also laid the foundation for future collaborations towards achieving a shared vision.

Barefoot College

Sulabh International

Gram Vikas