ECOSOFTT conducts an important policy seminar on water

ECOSOFTT conducts an important policy seminar on water, wastewater and environmental services for the Jabalpur Municipal Corporation. The highly interactive was attended by the Mayor, Municipal Commissioner, Chief Engineer and senior officials from the Engineering, Pollution Control, Health and other departments with much enthusiasm. An action plan to upgrade water and environmental services in the city of Jabalpur was developed as a result of the seminar.

August 2014

ECOSOFTT presents at the BOP (Bottom of Pyramid) World Convention in Singapore. Founded by Prof Jack Sim, BOP World Convention aims to develop affordable and innovative solutions that can impact millions of lives in developing countries.

August 2014

ECOSOFTT’s Water SMART Homes & Communities was selected as among Global Top 20 in the 2014 Fuller Challenge, “Socially-Responsible Design’s Highest Award” held in New York City.

ECOSOFTT was selected among over 450 applications globally for meeting the 7-point Challenge criteria: Visionary, Comprehensive, Ecologically Responsible, Feasible, Verifiable, and Replicable.