November 2014

ECOSOFTT presented at the Global Impact Forum held in Zurich. The Forum is a leading platform that supports the creation of transformative solutions to the world’s most pressing social challenges.

We are proud to make a contribution to the discussions on addressing the global water problems using innovative business models and technologies.

October 2014

ECOSOFTT, together with its affiliate Saamarth Social Service Organization and partner Gram Vikas completed the one-year transformation of Silua Tek as a model village. This landmark project involved total transformation of the water, sanitation and livelihood solutions. Today, the villagers enjoy 24×7 water supply, total sanitation with first toilets and bathing rooms, wastewater treatment, vocational training to upgrade their skills and livelihood improvements.

More than providing infrastructure, it was about injection of life and hope into a village that was in destitute not long ago. The mood during the handover was celebratory. The villagers were dancing, singing, cooking and eating together for the first time together as a community. It was an emotional event for the villagers and for our team who have become part of the community.

October 2014

ECOSOFTT handed over of an innovation for on-site treatment and recovery of wastewater, the Aerobic BioFilter Without Sludge at St. Aloysius Institute of Technology, Jabalpur. Mr. Rakesh Singh, Member of Parliament, Government of India together with Mrs. Lorraine Lobo, MLA from Jabalpur together with other dignitaries did the honour of inaugurating the plant.

The event marked the successful completion of “zero-discharge” project for St. Aloysius Institute of Technology, the first in Central India.

September 2014

ECOSOFTT’s presentation was voted Best Social Enterprise Pitch by over 300 board members and senior management of Singapore’s largest companies at the Singapore Institute of Directors Conference 2014.

The SID Conference is one of the largest gatherings of Singapore’s most distinguished corporate leaders. This year’s conference was held at the Marina Bay Sands on 3 September. In an event titled “Towards the New Capitalism”, corporate leaders learn about the innovative business models employed by social enterprises to create shared values.

ECOSOFTT’s “4C Approach to Address Global Water Challenges” won the approval of these leaders and the S$10,000 prize.

ECOSOFTT conducts an important policy seminar on water

ECOSOFTT conducts an important policy seminar on water, wastewater and environmental services for the Jabalpur Municipal Corporation. The highly interactive was attended by the Mayor, Municipal Commissioner, Chief Engineer and senior officials from the Engineering, Pollution Control, Health and other departments with much enthusiasm. An action plan to upgrade water and environmental services in the city of Jabalpur was developed as a result of the seminar.

August 2014

ECOSOFTT presents at the BOP (Bottom of Pyramid) World Convention in Singapore. Founded by Prof Jack Sim, BOP World Convention aims to develop affordable and innovative solutions that can impact millions of lives in developing countries.